" Conrank " Drum and Bass 課程


Ableton Live School 工作坊 Drum and Bass 與(英國)Conrank 演出


2010年12月30日 · 





[brickyard] 紅磚地窖 高雄市中山二路507號B1

這個概念就是抓住世界級的 D J . 誰使用 Ableton LIVE 創作以及現場演出,並請他們說明及教學如何使用 Ableton Live 進行創作 .


所以如果你是DJ希望把你套到新的水平上,或者是想知道專業DJ的背後,這就是你唯一的機會,提高自己對這世界通用性無處不在的軟件Ableton Live更進ㄧ步瞭解。

Conrank 與Ableton Live School 這次舉辦的 Workshop 。Conrank 他會教學現場所有音樂同好如何使用Ableton Live 。 

Conrank的課程系列的教學,其中包括鼓與貝司以及Dubstep Forward混合他擅長的 Drumstep 。 

Hailing 來自於倫敦,目前居住與上海,ConRank 是音樂製作家也使用Ableton Live 來作現場演出 . 他被號稱是歐洲頂級節拍的 Drumstep 拳擊手之一,他有自己專屬的MTV 錄影帶。主要是以 drumstep 為主要風格/ drumstep。也加入了 HIP HOP . Drum and Bass . dubstep和Jungle 混搭 - 自己的音樂中,也常加入basslines到音樂曲目中,創作出充滿活力和重拍節奏。

Conrank最近震動超過2000人在英國節 “秘密花園派對”參與活動。在工作室ConRank已發佈2專輯和一張EP “State OF Play”,他自己的廠牌Rankadank。隨著單打受推崇的標簽 ” Suicide Dub “以及英國新標簽 ” ME + 1 ” 和各種標簽幾個混音今年。

他目前也正與世界排名第一的Beatboxer之Killa Kela 的項目上適當命名的”Killa Kela 與 ConRank”。到目前為止ConRank的足跡已經引起的Nerm喜歡(BBC Radio 1)的耳中,Nike and Basher(RAM Records)拿起各種無線電沿途播放。 Conrank來了,一步鼓。



Ableton Live Workshop with Conrank (UK)

The concept is to grab world class DJs and performers who use Ableton Live to produce and perform and ask them to show local DJs and music enthusiasts how it’s done, step by step.

The Conrank Ableton Workshop is the latest in an increasingly popular series of Ableton Live Sponsored production and performance seminars. He’ll be walking us through a live performance using Ableton.

So, if you’re a DJ looking to push your sets to the next level or just want to know a little more about what goes on behind the decks, this is your chance to increase your knowledge of this incredibly versatile and ubiquitous software package. 

Conrank will take us on a journey through one of his live sets, which incorporate Drum & Bass as well as a DnB/Dubstep hybrid he calls Drumstep.

All participants will be put on the guest list for Conrank’s NYE Bash at [brickyard] and get a chance to see him do it in front of a crowd!

Hailing from London, currently residing in Shanghai, ConRank is a pioneering drumstep producer with a fresh sound. With many years involvement in the music industry Conrank knows his onions; he was one of Europe’s top beat-boxers and had his own MTV show. ConRank has taken his musical influences from the past years and created his own take on the emerging genre that is drumstep . Live he pulls those influences into a mashup of Hip-Hop , DnB , Dubstep and Jungle – looped up with his own beats , basslines and tracks to create something energetic and eclectic – a show which is quickly gaining a reputation with clubbers across europe and asia alike.

Conrank recently rocked over 2000 people at UK festival “Secret Garden Party”. In the studio ConRank has released 2 singles and an E.P “State Of Play” on his own label Rankadank. With singles set to drop this year on High Rankin’s highly respected label “Suicide Dub” as well as new UK label “Me+1″ and several remixes on various labels, his productions are starting to make noise with DJs and clubbers alike.

Not content with producing and DJing, he’s also currently working with world no.1 beatboxer Killa Kela on the aptly named project “Kela & ConRank” . So far ConRank’s tracks have caught the ears of the likes of Nerm (BBC Radio 1) , Nike and Basher (Ram Records) picking up various radio plays along the way. Conrank is coming, step to the drum.