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TouchAble 提供的免費素材. 歡印大家免費下載 . 它是ㄧ個針對 TouchAble 製作的XY PAD 使用的素材模組 .

20個Effects Rack

This post is going to be a little more personal than usually - the whole team is a little emotional today - as we are celebrating our little babys first birthday!

It’s been a great year, filled with lots of hard work, new challenges, many, many new friends and uncountable nice memories. We have received countless emails with feedback, ideas, criticism and support over the year, which have shaped the app and its features.

To this day, we have not published a single ad. You guys out there - with your recommendations to friends, your passionate reviews and with all the people you amazed at your shows - make it possible that we still can and will develop free-of-cost updates.

Your continued support, your ideas and your passion about living music with touchAble have made the app what it is today - and they will make it what it is tomorrow.

We undoubtedly have the coolest user-base in the world. Thank you!

As a thank you gift and to celebrate our birthday we are happy to offer you a pack of 20 powerful Audio Live racks, specially made for use with touchAbles XY-Pad Module & Ableton Live 8.

All the 20 racks are available in 2 versions, XY and XYZ – depending on your preference of using Z control or not – and will open new fields of creation and sonic manipulation.

Of course it is possible to use the racks without using touchAbleʼs XY Pad - but surely you would miss out on half the fun ;-)


1. GotoLives“File”menuandselect“installLivePack”. 2. Livewillpromptyoutoselectalocationtoinstallthepackto.Youcan

install it anywhere you want (except Lives Library!) Just store it

somewhere easy – you will probably delete it at the end of the process. 3. Oncethepackhasbeeninstalled,openLivesfilebrowserandlocate

the installed pack. It will appear as a Project folder. 4. Right-Clickontheprojectfolderandselect“manageproject”. 5. Inthefilemanagertotheright,goto“exporttolibrary”andclickthe

“export” button. Once done, the presets will be copied into your library.

You can now safely delete the Live Pack (.alp) and the project folder. You will have access to the racks within Lives Library -> Audio Effect Racks -> touchAble RacksIncluded Racks:

-FreqDelay: Vintage filter delay with warm sound -AlienModulation: Extreme chorus, able to drastically change sound -AvalancheOfGrains: Pitchshifter capable of granular texture -BeeFUzz: Ultra Fuzz distortion with filter -ChamanGate: Warm pad FX with oscillator -DelaySpaceCrunch: Vintage filter delay with warm noise -DigitalPitch: Radical frequency pitch shifter with several modes -Dumbscratch: Impredictable scratch and juggler FX -FlangBeatGlitch: Multi glitch FX -Only available as XYZ version. -FUzzFilter: Ultra compressed Fuzz with Panner -GrainyFlango: Flexible short grain reverb with Flanger -HarmoPad: Creates a warm harmonized pad -LowBitFilter: Bit-reduction FX combined with filter -MultiRepeat: Massive Beat repeat chain -NoiseInjection: Noisy and textured reverb -Repitchmegadub: Fancy emulation of Roland Space Echo -Resoelastictape: Resonator delay -ResoFilterPad: Reverb with filter - Only available as XYZ version. -SeagullDrive: Warm and twisted tape delay -SmokeEKO: Warm grain delay -StormDrive: Powerful Distortion FX

The Racks are made by Sylvain Garcia aka Le K, electronic musician, Ableton certified trainer and co-developer of touchAble

Ableton Live is a trademark of Ableton AG.

AppBC / touchAble is: Christian Blomert, Sylvain Garcia, Felix Leif Keppmann, Peter Blomert

touchAble for iPad is available on the iTunes App Store: