Max For Live: Mk-iii Drum Module 素材分享

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小編這次要分享的是Drum Machine的Max for Live素材!

Mk-iii Drum Module下載連結

採樣器或取樣器 (英文:Sampler),是一種能錄音,抽樣及編輯各種聲音的電子裝置。被錄製及編輯過的不同聲音,可以由與採樣器接駁的MIDI鍵盤完整的彈奏出來。採樣器在現代音樂製作方面有著相當重要的角色,就因它可用於仿造其他樂器,或在劇院舞台提供現場音響效果。採樣器可以由有基本MIDI設置的鍵盤來控制或從電腦MIDI程序直接控制。

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The Mk-iii Sequencer is based on the classic step sequencer design. Each of the four 16-step tracks independently sends MIDI note output with two possible and assignable velocity settings. Though factory settings work instantly to trigger the Mk-iii Drum Module, this sequencer is fully capable of driving synthesizer plug-ins or even hardware. Patterns of the Mk-iii are also not limited to simple linear playback. The start point and length of each pattern can be controlled independently allowing for infinite pattern variations. And nearly every feature is controllable through wireless touch via the custom Lemur interface and an iPad.



  • Four independent sound slots each with two samples
  • Optimized audio playback engine and voice allocation system
  • Independent coarse tune, fine tune and volume per sample
  • Pan and 3-setting Decay per sound
  • Multi-effects per sound including Multimode Filter, Bit Crush, and Delay+Filter

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